• Provide Personnel protective equipment to all employee and ensuring them to wear this outfit.
  • Ensure the personnel engage is healthy and medically fit.
  • Ensure the personnel are free from drugs and alcohol at all the time.
  • Observe the proper systems of work and not to violate any rules and regulations.
  • Ensure all personnel have attended Safety Industrial Programmer.
  • Observe good home-keeping habits at working places at all times
  • Ensure all work should be well organized.
  • Providing safe working condition and maintaining continuity of employment is of continual concern.

In this regard, it is important the adequate policies and proceduresbe developed and adhered to in order to ensure safe, efficient operating conditions, thereby safeguarding employees and facilities. The company will not knowingly permit unsafe conditions to exist, nor will it permit employees to indulge in unsafe acts. Violations of company rules and regulations will result in disciplinary action. The company believes that the safety of employees and physical property can best ensure by a meaningful program.


Since the employee of the job is frequently more aware of unsafe conditions than anyone else, employees are encouraged to make recommendations, suggestions and criticms of unsafe conditions to their immediate supervisor so that they may be corrected.


Supervisors are responsible for the working conditions within their department and the plant generally. A supervisor should remain alert at all time to dangerous and unsafe conditions, so that he/she may recommend corrective action, discipline employees who habitually create or indulge in unsafe practices, assess new or changed situatuins for inherent dangers, and follow up on employee suggestions for corrective actions so that unsafe conditions are not instituted or permitted to exist.


DD & I Eng¬†operates in accordance with OSHA guidelines and as such encourages the employee’s involvement in company – wide safety committee meetings to be held quarterly. The committee will specify procedures and actions to be taken in event of fires, security and others emergencies. Decisions and recommendations will be communicated via the departmental team meetings.


All employees are required to immediately report all occupational illnesses or injuries to your supervisor, no matter how minor nad complete and occupational illness or injury form.